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eCommerce consumers come and go, its just the nature of the business, or is it? With eCommerce tools such as KEmail Recommendation, you can now hold on to your consumers for longer with enticing automated and personalized emails. The key to your success? Dynamic product recommendations

To make the most of your automated and personalized emails you need to utilize product recommendations in your emails. Product recommendations are not just a tool for abandoned cart emails, they are also a strong indirect up-sell tool that can, and should, be included within your email marketing campaigns.

TechKasetti’s KEmail recommendations are dynamic, drawing on your actual real-time customer browse and purchase behavior. The data generates relevant products with images, descriptions and prices for inclusion into your automated email campaigns.

It is recommended to use different types of product recommendations for both cross-sales and up-sale opportunities. Your marketing strategy should include different recommendation types within each of your email campaign series, this helps you avoid duplicating messages and enhance your chances of capturing the attention of the email recipient.

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Email Recommendations Implementation

Email Recommendations enable you to observe customer behavior, build preference profiles, and deliver the next-best content or product. Sophisticated scenarios within the application enable you to refine recommendations to match your specific business rules. Recommendation content surfaces in placeholders for recommendations on your website.

Email Recommendations are delivered as a pre-built image and link pair and are activated when a user opens the email. We refer to email recommendations as open time recommendations, meaning the logic and scenarios are processed immediately before they see the recommendation.

The image used in the recommendation is pre-built based on an HTML template that is used to style what one recommendation would look like. Each product or content recommendation is generated ahead of time and stored, to ensure that the image is instantly available. By pre-processing displays and logic for each product or content recommendation, we provide the most up-to-date recommendation without sacrificing performance when an email is opened.

Here is an example of the image generated and called via the link in the email recommendations. The link redirects to the page on the site while tracking the click:

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Each recommendation is an individual image, so if you needed four recommendations in a call, the HTML would include four image and link pairs. The display of the recommendation is unified across the entire recommendation, so with open time recommendations, all four recommendations use the same HTML and AMPScript. Because email recommendations are displayed as an image, consider the mobile responsiveness of the design.

Expand the ways that your customers can discover your products and increase sales.

  1. Provide facility to define multiple recommendations with each recommendation having with multiple fields key-value pairs.
  2. Allows to define the recommendation period / duration for each recommendation.
  3. Activate or deactivate the recommendations.

Monitor your brand across all your channels to increase your marketing reach and preserve brand integrity.

  1. Better understand customer preferences and lifestyle through their order data.
  2. Evaluate banner advertisement exposure during broadcast events to drive higher ROI.

Increase the ways that you can identify your products to streamline sales processes and customer service.

  1. Identify the products which are out of trend or trending to streamline inventory restocking.
  2. Measure retail shelf-share to optimize product mix and represent top-selling products among competitors.

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