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Salesforce Experience Cloud LWR Sites Development
Salesforce Experience Cloud LWR Sites Development Services

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If you are looking forward to Salesforce Experience Cloud LWR Sites development services that will give your sites that load quickly and scale well using the Build Your Own (LWR) template for Experience Cloud. Based on the new Lightning Web Runtime (LWR) and the Lightning Web Components (LWC) programming model, with lightweight template supports fully custom solutions and delivers exceptional site performance, look no further with consultants with LWR project experience, personalized customer care, along with the business revenue you have been looking for, then you have landed at the right place. Experts would advice you on The Build Your Own (LWR) template for Experience Cloud using the Lightning Web Runtime(LWR) platform for experience cloud. Leveraging this template we make it possible to build blazing fast CRM-friendly experiences for your customers including high-speed marketing websites, microsites, and portals with <1s page load runtime, our experts can turn your vision into a experience reality.

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Build Your Own templates

Experience Cloud has an existing Build Your Own template, which supports Aura and Lightning web components. But the Build Your Own(LWR) template is based exclusively on the Lightning Web Components programming model. Since the template only supports Lightning Web Components, it comes with fewer standard components than the existing Build Your Own template or any OTB template.

Cost Implications

LWR comes with minimal standard pages as well. While Salesforce has built a library of standard objects and templates (in Aura), the cost or investment is that there are very few that exist for LWC, so it's not just "build-your-own" for the template it's building all your own components as well. The component while present in most of the OTB templates is not present in the LWR template. It needs to be custom-built if you were to use it in the LWR template.With our expertise, we could plan to leverage the existing Components(Aura) and convert them into LWC and use them.

Unique about LWR templates

Even with other templates, you could build great-looking sites.With the Lightning Web Runtime (LWR) design system, you can modify base and custom Lightning web components to achieve a consistent look and feel across your LWR site. The system uses --dxp styling hooks, which map to properties in the Theme panel, We help you apply branding to your entire site more easily.Sometimes SLDS imposes few restrictions on the way you want to render. We can support you now remove SLDS reference completely.

Template Unsupported Features and Settings

Over come the template limitations,Unsupported Features,Experience Builder & Lightning Locker Limitations from our LWR Experts to meet your business needs.