K Meeting Maker

Provision Instant or Schedule appointment Video call's facility to your Customers right from your Experience cloud or your Website.

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K-Meeting Maker allows your company to schedule and manage one-to-one experiences that increase revenue and efficiency, build stronger customer relationships, and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty – at scale.

The meeting experience your customers demand

The only way to win and keep customers is to give them what they want. When it comes to meeting making, that means one thing: A quick, intuitive process that makes appointment scheduling as easy as 1-2-3. K-Meeting Maker Appointments booking journeys are designed to reach maximum conversion rates.
  • Customized look and feel to match your brand.
  • Fully responsive for online appointment scheduling from tablets and phones.
  • Clean, intuitive booking journeys are designed for maximum conversion.

Leverage the power of Salesforce Service Cloud Chats.

  1. Creation of a Lead with the details of the user.
  2. Service Cloud Agent accepting the online meeting request and joining the meeting on click of host link provisioned in the lead for agent to easily join the meeting.
  3. Auto start of the meeting for the customer once the agent accepts the request
  4. Agent Updating the Lead details post the meeting with the client.

The easy-to-use online appointment scheduling software your staff wants.

  1. Round Robin meeting allocation is based on the product, location, and users.
  2. Lead creation with the details.
  3. Automated confirmations, reminders, and follow-up communication reduce missed appointments and keep the relationship going.
  4. Gmail calendar integration.

For those services that can be delivered remotely, K-Meeting Maker has you covered. Whether you want to integrate with your existing Zoom account to talk to your customers at their homes.

  1. Integration with video providers like Zoom, Jio, Google, and MS Team.
  2. The option is to offer in-appointment product or website page promotions.
  3. Simple, auto-meeting pop for instant meetings for customers, and one-click meeting join for staff and customers to schedule meetings.

Tech Kasetti, facilitates the technology you need to solve you meeting your customers during these trying times.

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