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Care Today Is Complicated

Salesforce for Health cloud

While healthcare organizations strive to serve patients well, the patient experience remains complicated for reasons that can seem hard to solve.The increasing specialization of care means that patients have to navigate multiple organizations to get the services they need.The barriers that exist between organizations makes navigating this process a challenge for patients and providers alike Healthcare organizations aspire to make that patient journey easier, but they lack the right tools to enable collaboration and information sharing. Fortunately, this is exactly the kind of problem CRM technology can solve.

Connected Patient Journeys

Salesforce for Health cloud

Healthcare organizations have an opportunity to create connected patient journeys that can guide patient interactions while maximizing productivity and efficiency.

This journey starts with the very first interaction when attracting prospective patients. From there, providers must build trust with every point of service, from rescheduling appointments to managing care. And finally, providers must focus on keeping patients on the path to better outcomes with ongoing engagement and support. With CRM, healthcare organizations have a unified view of the patient across every touchpoint and can develop deeper relationships, trust, and loyalty.

Improve your patients' outcomes with Salesforce

Our team leverages insight acquired through years in the business and various engagements, along with real-world expertise gained across the Healthcare industry, including: provider, payer, medical devices, and life sciences. From strategy and implementation to managed services, we guide clients through every phase of their journey enabling continuous value with the Salesforce platform.

We know Healthcare

You operate in a highly complex, deeply impactful industry. Our Healthcare team has years of hands-on experience in the sub industries we serve, in addition Salesforce expertise helping us empower you on the journey to personalized experiences and improved ROI.

We help them achieve their business goals through an informed, validated, and meaningful approach to digital transformation. And we complement Salesforce with a select group of strategic partners that enable critical uses cases along the CRM journey. From strategic planning to implementation, managed services, change management, and program governance, we guide clients across different Healthcare sub industries through every phase of the journey to enable continuous value realization.

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Salesforce for Health cloud

Let TechKasetti improve Personalized Experiences,Connect Siloed Systems,Enhance Care Team Collaboration and Use Data Intelligently, delivering A 360 Degree View of The Patient.

Whether you are just starting transformation or looking to optimize, Tech Kasetti can guide your journey…

Your Connected Patient Journeys CheckList

Salesforce for Health cloud

This checklist outlines your building blocks to deliver a connected patient journey.

The first step is seeing a complete view of the patient. CRM can merge clinical data from the EHR with nonclinical data such as patient preferences and insights from the care team.Once you have unified patient data, patients, providers, and caregivers can access and share the right information at the right time. That collaboration and support is extended across every channel and device for a cohesive experience.

Now you can build on your foundation laid by TechKasetti with intelligence. For instance, customizable care plans allowing your organizations to achieve both personalization and scale. You can also add new engagement layers, receiving patient data through surveys and feedback on personal care plans.

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