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Salesforce Legacy CRM Migration Services
Salesforce Legacy CRM Migration

The benefits of migrating to the Salesforce Cloud solution are significant—but you must avoid the pitfalls

Let us bring the real potential of Salesforce solutions and its endless possibilities to you

Today, regardless of what industry you operate in, the Cloud reflects the convergence of three worlds: consumers, business and technology. To be successful, your company must understand the changing requirements of all three. For instance, the increasing use of Social Networking and mobile devices means that companies must adopt new ways of working with both customers and employees. At the same time, businesses are experiencing cost reduction targets as well as rapid time-to-market pressures like never before.
The technology that supports these new ways of working is evolving almost on a daily basis. Opensource software, virtualization technology, Cloud-based process automation, analytics solutions, bandwidth availability and storage capability are a few examples which will continue to evolve. Meanwhile, on-premise solutions will increasingly struggle to adapt to these advances in technology and the benefits they can deliver in today’s fast-paced business environment.

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Your Challenges

  • Do I have a business case to migrate to Salesforce.com?
  • What are the value drivers and benefits?
  • How do I measure and quantify them?
  • How do I make the right decision with regards to process changes and harmonization to create a balance between functionality and time to market?
  • How do I define an implementation roadmap that considers the business and IT factors that deliver value quickly?


  • Business and technical considerations factored into creating a migration roadmap by defining the business case, prioritized functional capability, and refining/ harmonizing processes to smoothly onboard the Salesforce.com platform.

Key Benefits

Tech Kasetti’s Salesforce.com Migration Services can help you capitalize on the Cloud by offering the following benefits:

  • Speed: Tech Kasetti’s Salesforce.com Transform Toolkit enables 20- 30% reduced migration time.
  • Operational Excellence: Create the right operational model, be more efficient and realize the benefits of Salesforce.com
  • Deploy Successfully: Build a sustainable CRM platform by delivering a comprehensive strategy to manage complex Salesforce.com deployments ensuring enhanced business governance
  • Reusable Templates: Pluggable bolt-on modules with pre-built data mapping, reduce costs and speed time to market by 60-70%

Salesforce.com Migration Roadmap: Architecting Your Smooth Navigation to the Cloud

A number of organizations are evaluating replacing their traditional on-premise, heavily customized CRM tools which require costly upgrades. Many are planning to move to a more agile Cloud-based CRM platforms like Salesforce.com.

However, realizing business benefits can be a daunting prospect due to availability of multiple editions, pricing models, partner solutions, single vs. multi-org considerations, and legal issues around geographical data hosting. Consequently you need a trusted partner, one who takes ownership of the end-to-end lifecycle of your initiative, reduces risk and guides you on a smooth journey into the Cloud.

Tech Kasetti’s Salesforce.com CRM Migration Roadmap is designed to address all aspects of CRM planning, including Salesforce.com deployment and adoption. It makes your business nimbler and reduces your total cost of ownership. Services include: • Business Case Preparation • Salesforce.com Candidate Evaluation • Process Harmonization • Salesforce.com Deployment Roadmap • Stakeholder Governance • Organization Change Management.

Key Features
• Use our proven Evaluation Toolkit to build and identify candidate apps within the Salesforce ecosystem to meet business requirements. • Use the Process Harmonization framework to align process across BU / geographies. • Build a Salesforce.com deployment roadmap incorporating a pilot plan, implementation approach, module / geography prioritization, and more. • Institutionalize an engagement governance structure to define program roles and responsibilities. • Drive understanding of the business experience of today from a human perspective to define the experience of tomorrow. • Define target organization structure. • Decommission plan for incumbent applications and infrastructure. • Workforce attribute transformation. • Define and measure KPIs.

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Salesforce Legacy CRM Migration