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Complex Quoting Scenarios

Quoting your media service can sometimes be difficult. Many subscription or recurring services have complex pricing rules, and you don’t want sales people to quote prices that don’t meet viability requirements.

Salesforce CPQ can set up guardrails that will keep your sales team from quoting incompatible products or services or sending quotes without approval.

Manual Processes

Many media companies suffer from manual processes. In addition to being time consuming and costly, data accuracy nearly always suffers. This inaccurate data makes reporting and decision making difficult

Whether you use a legacy system, or just need to optimize Salesforce, Tech Kasetti has a team of certified experts to consult, guide and implement solutions in your organization.

Partners & Resellers

Managing a network of partners and resellers can be a massive time commitment and strain on your organization. But the role they play in your organization is crucial.

Salesforce Communities gives your network a self-service portal to manage leads, contacts and data. Tech Kasetti has created many custom portals to allow media companies to manage their network.

Lack of Reporting

Your media company needs granular reporting based on real-time data in order to make the best decisions. Gathering the right data and figuring out how to report on it can be difficult.

Tech Kasetti has a team of certified experts who can guide you on best practices on data integrity and reporting. This will let you make good decisions based on accurate data.

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