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Implementing Salesforce ® in a proper manner can be complex, time-taking and expensive. TechKasetti is a company having deep expertise in delivering quality Salesforce Consulting services with specialization in offering Health Cloud solutions.

Services are quick and cost-effective, at the same time providing enhanced attention towards minimizing the risk factors. To succeed, the industry needs to evolve from a focus on medical records management to a focus on patient relationships. This is the clear path to improving patient satisfaction, delivering high-quality patient care, controlling avoidable costs and improving outcomes. Yet providers today are burdened by legacy systems and are challenged to make the shift to healthcare that is 1-to-1, smart and connected to patient needs. Salesforce Health Cloud uses the power of the cloud, social and mobile technologies to create an environment that enables everyone from admins to patients to specialists to get the information they need at any time and on any device. With TechKasetti having extended expertise in all other associated technologeis easily facalitate in delivering the three core advantages of the new Salesforce Health Cloud: • Complete patient view • Smarter patient management • Connected patient engagement

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Why do you need Salesforce Health Cloud Solutions

Salesforce Health Cloud provides a complete view of the patient:
• Create rich, contextual patient profiles
• Access collaborative care network and health timelines
• Integrate patient data from the electronic health record (EHR)
• Incorporate third-party data from medical devices and wearables.

Salesforce Health Cloud makes it possible for healthcare providers to:
• Prioritize tasks across all their patients’ needs
• Segment and manage patient populations
• Map personal and professional caregiver networks.
   And with the power of the Salesforce Platform, you can review all internal conversations that involve your patients, making care coordination and patient handoffs easier and more efficient.

   You can even map personal and professional- care networks, so you can assign ownership of health goals to anyone on the care team — including the patients or their families. Salesforce Health Cloud empowers you to easily manage your full patient populations, personalize every interaction and drive better outcomes. Salesforce Health Cloud makes healthcare information more accessible, improving workflows and care outcomes:
• Collaborate seamlessly with care teams and patients
• Assign tasks to caregiver networks
• Share secure messages to any device
   With Salesforce Health Cloud, care coordinators can securely collaborate and assign tasks across the caregiver network. This extends across the full care system as you can work with patients to chart progress against care plans or health goals; easily communicate with physicians, care coordinators and family members; and get answers quickly from specialists across the provider network.

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After the application is developed, and tested. We facilitate User Acceptance Testing along with training the Users. We create Training Manuals which help with future training for new users and related references