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Salesforce Lightning Application Development

Everything that might be useful including latest news items and posts would be visible under Feed First. The feeds would be made visible once you open the application. This feature helps you to like, comment, post and upload the content. You will also get a real-time view of updates on opportunities, contacts and accounts etc with Feed First.

Collaboration and Groups feature allows you to share files from anywhere and also helps you in accessing the feeds and files. Tabs can be kept on the customer accounts you want to follow. Leads can be managed effectively using Lead Tracking in the Salesforce1 Mobile App. New leads can be generated; existing leads can be viewed.

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The most beneficial part of Salesforce1 Mobile Applies in its ability for customized app development which in
return opens the doors of many opportunities for you

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You can now use ready-made components or build custom components that can tailor fit your requirements as well as your customers needs.

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Solve any business requirement with several already made mobile apps that integrate with Salesforce seamlessly. Salesforce AppExchange is your path to true personalisation and customisation.

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Transform everything with a full portfolio of customized Salesforce app to extend the power of Salesforce.

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With Salesforce1 Mobile App you can monitor your entire business and click with your customers from your phone and your very own comfort zone.

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Your Salesforce needs to be Salesforce1 ready and we make sure that it is by developing actionable insights, business actions, custom app development to facilitate an iron clad Salesforce system.

Salesforce1 Mobile App Consulting

Optimize your Salesforce implementation with our help to fully utilize all the functionalities of the Salesforce1 Platforms.

Custom UI/UX Designing

Give a new image and look to your brand with the feel of your Salesforce1 mobile instance through a smart and custom UI and UX.

Salesforce1 And Visualforce

Easily extend your pages of Visualforce to the Salesforce1 platform. Combine the power of Salesforce lightning and custom UI on your mobile apps.

Salesforce Cloud

The Future lies in the Cloud and we are here to ensure that your CRM future is sustainable and good