Welcome to the Kasetti RPM App, your all-in-one solution for efficient device management and user account administration. Designed for administrators, our app features five main tabs, each tailored to streamline specific administrative tasks.

All Devices Are Supported

Devices are the essential infrastructure of Tel health. Regardless of the limitation of choice while you shop around, we can help purchase and design all devices you need for your business. Types of equipment we can assist include but are not limited to FDA-approved products, connected healthcare devices, wearables, and outputs devices. In addition, we can support you to turn your own ideas into reality.

All Types of connections are supported !

Blood Pressure Moniotors

Weight Scales

Blood Pressure Moniotors

Blood Pressure Moniotors

It is a struggle to decide which connect method you can use on your devices. However, at Kasetti Technologies, we support all types of connections as you requested.

Our AnyHub works with Bluetooth devices (peripheral) in any protocol definition. It can help anyone with any device in any place to participate in tele health. No OTA, WiFi, or App download is needed to use.

Our global 4G roaming cellular network supports tele health devices with an easy-to-use function for both health providers and patients. No WiFi, Bluetooth, tablet, smartphone, or App installation is needed for your clients. • Provide database access services and effectively check the access status of cloud databases. • We provide Flexible and Unlimited Plans for your connectivity.

A wide variety of devices can be made WiFi capable to connect to each other or to the Internet.

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