Salesforce Technical Audit Services

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Salesforce Technical Audit Services

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Investing alot in Salesforce solution is a big step and you want to make sure you're getting your money's worth. We can help you do that. By regular check-ups our team can avoid system security issues and performance drops. Salesforce® Audit provides a thorough analysis of your current Salesforce® system.

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1 Stage

Analysing your system's business requirements.

Investigating the data model and class structure.

Investigating the desired data access seperation.

2 Stage

Code audit and App architechture for compliance with Salesforce® standarts.

Determine whether a set user licenses corresponds to the functionality of the system.

Identifying the potential limitation risks and means to optimize the constraints.

Identification of potential defects of data access separation

Automatic security checks and analysis.

Optimization and system analysis in the context of the latest version of

3 Stage

Planning security optimiation.

Planning performance optimization.

Planning reliability optimization.